Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Couples and Pairs series of sandcast glass sculptures

Here you can see the series of Couples and pairs I have been working on over the years.

This slide show explains the beginning of this series and how it has changed over time, and

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello there
As I am gathering together slide shows of the various sculptural series I have made, and continue making - morphing, changing: as I morph and change (OK so some call it aging, whatever...)

I am sharing them here.

My porthole series is one series that I began making these slide shows of. Portholes ... a series close to my heart as they combine the various materials I truly enjoy working with: metal and glass.

This holds true for my Ned Kelly series also - so stay tuned for regular updates and more slide shows.

Here is the Porthole series slide show for your enjoyment!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New work hot out of the annealer!

Still with time to 'tart them up' a bit. Some cutting, a bit of polishing and a few new series of pieces as well as a refreshing new direction in the application of colour to my work.
First there is the series taken from a long standing series of cut paper collages I have been making for 30 years. The yellow flower image and the abstract figure in profile reflect this series.
There is also a new direction I have discovered, in the blending of new pre-fired colour layers along with my previous style of adding colour directly onto the sand.

My seated figures (or Buddhas) have improved with the new direction in colour, however the technique for these more rounded and shaped pieces needs improvement.

More to consider and more to come... Linda

Sunday, August 8, 2010

new slide shows of my glass sculpture

I have just started creating slideshows of my sandcast glass sculpture. The first one up is the Seated Figure series which you can access at this link: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/lindarfraser-463227-linda-r-fraser-glass-sculpture-seated-figure-series/

In the seated figure series of sandcast glass I have captured the essence of a figure in calm repose, meditation or deep thought. The choice and intensity of the colour reflects the moood and attitude of the person and their thoughts.

This series is an ongoing series where I enjoy adding to the contrast of one's surroundings and one's inner thoughts through the expression of colour within the captured space.

The series began when I created a wax seated figure with the intention of casting it in bronze. When I set out to the studio to cast some glass I thought I would try using the wax as a template in the sand. I was quite happy with the result and continue the series as combinations of colours reflect my moods and those I observe around me.

I enjoy my time alone, in thought and enjoy expressing these moments in time in glass and colour.

Next to get back to the bronze casting...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Continuing with stencils in glass

I have continued with experiments in my kiln with stencils and glass powders and frits.

The results have been quite positive- with my mind wandering with new possibilities.

Now more experiments are required in the application of the resulting thin glass images.

Do I fuse the images of wafer thin glass between layers of sheet glass, of varying thickness - OR- do I continue to improve my sancast glass methods with the use of these stencil images??

- OR - both?

Scale also becomes an issue. DO I make modular pieces that create a larger image?

or do I create larger pieces?????

Again I think of the ecology of it all - I believe art inhances our lives and spaces - but it does not need to DOMINATE or take up a huge amount of space. This would just be greedy.

Attached are some of the images of stencils fresh from the kiln
and the abstract profile "Daggers in her glance" as it was sandcast

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So many things going through my mind.
I have recently built a kiln at home, so I can now create more complex stencils for my glass work, ahead of a hot casting session. This will let me finally incorporate the imagery of my collage work with my sandcast glass.
see examples of both on my website.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Floating World

I am continuing in the use of stencils and powders in a more elaborate way, in my glasswork. To this end I saw an inspiring piece of grafitti lately and this got me drawing ideas for new 'portholes'. Since the shape of the porthole is rectangular, once seeing the grafitti of a pair of animated eyes - I thought back to the days when I lived in a house with a mail slot in the front door and how you could peer out through this rectangular port and see who was outside the door.
So in the ocmbination of these memories and the influence of the grafitti eyes, I created the following pieces. I hope to continue in this way for at least a few more pieces. Generating different moods and attitudes in the eyes will be fun!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Couples (or Pairs) an ongoing series, over years

Art is long, life is short (an old Roman saying)

The Pairs series portrays the
intimacy of support between two people
without the need to be ‘eye to eye’
they are able to support and cover each other’s backs

How do I describe these figures?
By colour, texture, scent…. The immediate feeling or deep sense of a person captured, transparently, for all to see; the ‘taste’ of the inner soul.
Normally wrapped in the outer display of wardrobe and accessories I reveal the inner spirit of an individual and represent their attitude/relationship toward one another.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recent experiments in glass

I have recently decided to control the imagery in my glass a bit more.

To this end I am experimenting with some glass powders on the surface of the sand to create
silk screen like images. After intial experiments I have decided to stick to more opaque colours, less transparent colours.

I will also tie these images in with collage work I have been doing for many, many years!

So here are some of the initial sandcasts that resulted from my experiments. These are set into cast bronze frames.
This series will be titled: Floating World ...

Enjoy the images - much more to follow soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being in the Moment

Lately I have been trying to encourage someone close to me to be
more 'in the moment' instead of replaying the past. Replaying the past
does not change it.

Perhaps that is why I like making objects. When successful they capture
your attention - in the present, for a moment of thought. This allows me
to share a moment, without even being there.

The present is where the past has gotten us to. We each decide where to
go to from there. Moment by moment. Object by object I build my future.

The reason I am a basically happy person is because the present is an unknown.
The past is a given, with sad and happy memories - I look forward, literally, to
the moments ahead! hmmmmmmmmm