Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recent experiments in glass

I have recently decided to control the imagery in my glass a bit more.

To this end I am experimenting with some glass powders on the surface of the sand to create
silk screen like images. After intial experiments I have decided to stick to more opaque colours, less transparent colours.

I will also tie these images in with collage work I have been doing for many, many years!

So here are some of the initial sandcasts that resulted from my experiments. These are set into cast bronze frames.
This series will be titled: Floating World ...

Enjoy the images - much more to follow soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being in the Moment

Lately I have been trying to encourage someone close to me to be
more 'in the moment' instead of replaying the past. Replaying the past
does not change it.

Perhaps that is why I like making objects. When successful they capture
your attention - in the present, for a moment of thought. This allows me
to share a moment, without even being there.

The present is where the past has gotten us to. We each decide where to
go to from there. Moment by moment. Object by object I build my future.

The reason I am a basically happy person is because the present is an unknown.
The past is a given, with sad and happy memories - I look forward, literally, to
the moments ahead! hmmmmmmmmm