Saturday, June 19, 2010

Continuing with stencils in glass

I have continued with experiments in my kiln with stencils and glass powders and frits.

The results have been quite positive- with my mind wandering with new possibilities.

Now more experiments are required in the application of the resulting thin glass images.

Do I fuse the images of wafer thin glass between layers of sheet glass, of varying thickness - OR- do I continue to improve my sancast glass methods with the use of these stencil images??

- OR - both?

Scale also becomes an issue. DO I make modular pieces that create a larger image?

or do I create larger pieces?????

Again I think of the ecology of it all - I believe art inhances our lives and spaces - but it does not need to DOMINATE or take up a huge amount of space. This would just be greedy.

Attached are some of the images of stencils fresh from the kiln
and the abstract profile "Daggers in her glance" as it was sandcast

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