Sunday, August 8, 2010

new slide shows of my glass sculpture

I have just started creating slideshows of my sandcast glass sculpture. The first one up is the Seated Figure series which you can access at this link:

In the seated figure series of sandcast glass I have captured the essence of a figure in calm repose, meditation or deep thought. The choice and intensity of the colour reflects the moood and attitude of the person and their thoughts.

This series is an ongoing series where I enjoy adding to the contrast of one's surroundings and one's inner thoughts through the expression of colour within the captured space.

The series began when I created a wax seated figure with the intention of casting it in bronze. When I set out to the studio to cast some glass I thought I would try using the wax as a template in the sand. I was quite happy with the result and continue the series as combinations of colours reflect my moods and those I observe around me.

I enjoy my time alone, in thought and enjoy expressing these moments in time in glass and colour.

Next to get back to the bronze casting...

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