Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoughts, thinking, directions

Still in the planning phase of a new series of powder and frit stencils - within sandcast glass.
Working on the complexity and image themes for my next series of sculptures.
I may go for a still life series hmmmmm there would be a drastic change, or a mix of abstract 'portraits' .

The idea behind the abstract portraits is to capture the mood or feeling of a person through a 'snapshot' of their eyes and nose - represented in an almost graffitti like style.

My recent ideas have been sparked by observing graffitti, and gorgeous stencil art in the streets of Melbourne. Contemporary in the constant press bouncing between the veneration and destruction of street art.

More to follow as I get my preliminary ideas recorded.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am getting into the planning phase of a new series of pieces.
These will be a continuation of the earlier bronze 'portholes' with a new variation.
I am planning on making the glass much more narrative - or at least representaional
and carefully planned out with a series of stencils that will create the image out of layers of
glass powders carefully placed using many stencils...

I am excited yet still not quite sure what I will represent.
definitely a possibility of fire and ice imagery, and a continuation of some earlier
2D collage imagery as well.

The bronze frames have been completed - now for the careful finishing of the bronze surface while considering what the magical interior, in glass, floating within the frame will hold. Even I am unaware of exactly what this series will hold for the viewer. More to come! Later!!!!

I have also had the pleasure of re-connecting lately with some old friends from RISD and Pilchuck - the wonders of facebook. Ciao for now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My new series of contemplation continues
and this is the smaller version, in a tighter circle of light and colour. The image here shows the blue mood of evening and thoughts directed towards the stars in the sky.

These pieces will continue my investigation of mood and
intensity of thought through dramatic colour combinations.

The piece to the left shows the vivid soul under a cool sky.
Alone with ones thoughts, meditation and solitude.
This series will continue in many colour combinations that shall represent moods I have had or witnessed in others.
Here represented in glass.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Planning of a new series of sculptures.

That is what I am up to now...

With some new rectangular bronze frames made, I am in the planning stages
of what will be 'framed' inside of them. Of course a piece of sandcast glass, with a more narrative approach to some very elaborate stencil work.

Also the continuation of reclining figures within the rectangular space. With the figure in relief and also some powder work in hollows ( or negative space ) in filled with transparent glass powders.
Hmmmm many possibilties - it's exciting!
SO busy time with drawings and planning and experimenting ahead.
The images here are of two existing pieces - one part of the 'beauty' series
and the other a one off images - a jumping off point for the new narrative stencils I have in mind.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Figures, couples and families

The images I represent in couples, figures and groupings - in families show the various facets of personalities that make up such relationships.
In using the method of sandcasting glass, I am very happy with the resulting shiny and revealing side as well as the contrasting rough side of the glass sculpture.
As in personal relationships it is the contrasts as well as similarities that keep people interested in eachother and interesting to others.
The rich colours on the rough side of the pieces introduce the mood, or common colour to the relationship. Sometimes these colours block the interior. The shiny side of the sculpture lets one view the interior thoughts and feelings, and reveal a bit more about the individual. The placement of the figures can be changed to reveal what the viewer cares to reveal of the relationship between the figures.

Monday, June 1, 2009


The title of a recent series of pieces I am making - and what I am doing as I sit and wonder ... 'what should I say on this blog?'

So I will talk about this series and what it represents to me.
As this series grows the images seem to depict the title, more and more.
The seated figure gazing out through an atmosphere - considering a thought, a moment in the past, or a path into the future.
The colours and textures deliver the figure to a different place. The colours are most important in setting the mood, as the colours of the figure lead the attitude of the thoughts being contemplated.

I can see the endless possiblities in colour and moods that can be investigated throughout this series.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Linda R Fraser Glass Sculpture Blog

Well I have finally done it. Here is my entry for my new blog.

I want to use this blog to share and explore my thoughts on glass sculpture, techniques, new projects I am creating and what I have made.

I also want to explore current trends in the art world because there is so much change - how will it all affect the way artists approach their practice.

Enough of that - Let's see how this blog is going.