Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why I Make What I Make

So often an artist will get asked: "why do you make the images you do?" the following is my response to that question.

I make images of things that I observe in my life. Whether it is a shadow that falls that reflects what is really going on in a conversation, looks between people in a crowded room, simple observations throughout my daily life. Once taken out of context these observations allow me to express various attitudes and postures between people and objects.

I have no interest at all in creating esoteric objects [note definition of esoteric: understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest] A number of artists seem to enjoy making very esoteric works - with some secret meaning only a chosen few would understand or be able to decipher. What Bullshit!! Art is for all to enjoy. I have an intended image (from my own experiences) and how that image resonates with individuals in dependent upon what the viewer brings to the moment - sparking their own imaginations. Least of all I hope to spark some note of familiarity, or reminder of a feeling in a time or place long gone.

I enjoy making things with my hands - a tangible item that can be considered over time. Nothing perfect, but an object made by hand; made by a person. I want to include people in my thoughts and share common feelings, experiences and emotions. Our emotions and feelings - like the rest of our bodies need exercise - little hints, reminders of feelings and reactions, which in being evoked allow for more feelings and reactions to evolve over time.

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