Monday, July 20, 2009

I am getting into the planning phase of a new series of pieces.
These will be a continuation of the earlier bronze 'portholes' with a new variation.
I am planning on making the glass much more narrative - or at least representaional
and carefully planned out with a series of stencils that will create the image out of layers of
glass powders carefully placed using many stencils...

I am excited yet still not quite sure what I will represent.
definitely a possibility of fire and ice imagery, and a continuation of some earlier
2D collage imagery as well.

The bronze frames have been completed - now for the careful finishing of the bronze surface while considering what the magical interior, in glass, floating within the frame will hold. Even I am unaware of exactly what this series will hold for the viewer. More to come! Later!!!!

I have also had the pleasure of re-connecting lately with some old friends from RISD and Pilchuck - the wonders of facebook. Ciao for now.

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