Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You are Here

I am embarking on a new series of glass sculptures that combine my new
home and location - New Zealand in my imagery, as well as colourful abstracts
that depict the inner workings of my mind influenced by the freedom of a new home.

Freedom of a new home, you say ... Yes, I believe with each new place I live I gain an increase in the amount of freedom I feel. This freedom expresses itself in my attitude and artwork. I consider a new location to extend the boundaries of my thoughts and self. For this reason I am entitling my present series 'You are Here'.

I have always held the thought that no two people can be in the same place, at the same time. Each person brings to each moment the baggage, joy, memories and reflections of moments past; and no two people have experienced the same shared moment in the exact same way. In knowing this allows me to freely express what I believe as well as being open to others interpretations of the same time and place. This is certainly where so many styles of artwork and expression spring from.

In titling this series 'You are Here' I share my view of my external observations of the landscape alongside my inner feelings and reactions to this landscape through colour, shapes and patterns in glass.

The process begins with very thin glass paintings (2 examples shown here) which will be incorporated into sandcast glass shapes. My inner and outer observations depicted in the material I find more and more fascinating with every use: glass.

I will continue this discussion further, as the glass pieces are created. The images here are pre-fired glass paintings - the process continues.


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