Friday, November 11, 2011

Moving and Changing, Growing and Learning

Well I am about to embark on a new home, new location, new country. Very exciting times!
I feel this is coming at a time when my artwork is expanding - hmmmm, maybe it is actually contracting; becoming more real to me and relative to my centre, my self.
I know the landscape of New Zealand has already affected my eyes, and they way I look; the way I see. I am sure this will add to the profound changes about to occur in my image making. Images held in my mind for so long will now have a chance to cross-pollinate and thereby expand.
Stay tuned for more images and changes.
I leave you with a few images: experiments towards future artworks and a taste of my new surroundings. To quote Buzz Lightyear:To the future and beyond!!!!
Thank you to my always inspirational friends: Brian and Evon, and always Ed and Maxx - my constant inspiration!!